Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Math in the news

With such a great response to my first extra credit assignment, I thought I would try it again.

Math is in the news all of the time, so often many don't realize it. Your assignment is:

1. Find a news article from a newpaper or news related website (CNN,, etc.) that has a math term in it.
2. Print out the article and highlight the word(s).
3. Explain what the word means within the context of the article. (only a few sentences.

You may find up to five articles (or different words in one article) for two points each.

Example - from
...The median age of all the U.S. cases is 16 years...

This means that the middle age of all cases is 16. This is used over the mean to account for extremes (young or old) on either end.

This extra credit assignment is due NEXT Wednesday, May 6th.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer is coming!

In honor of the coming season I am offering an extra credit assignment for any student who reads this and completes the assignment below by Wednesday, April 29th.

Do your own research on the importance of wearing sunscreen. Write a one page paper about ANYTHING to do with sunscreen (which is best, skin cancer prevention...). You must include one graph supporting your paper. Your graph may be self created or something found elsewhere. You might want to find your graph first, then do research. The paper and graph are due by the end of the day Wednesday, April 29th.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update 4/14

In Algebra we are nearing the end of our study of rational functions. We have spent this week performing operations with rational expressions. This is a topic students typically struggle with because it is built on their foundation of knowledge with fractions (the dreaded topic with junior high students!)

In math we have been studying linear functions since right after ISAT tests. It have been a great unit to start using the interactive whiteboard in my classroom. It has really added to the visual explanations in this particular unit. We will finish up this chapter on Friday with a test over all of Chapter 11.