Friday, October 22, 2010

Math Update

This week in Algebra we started Chapter 5 which covers Linear Equations. We will be busy next week learning about the different ways in which a linear equation may be written. We will be focusing on problem solving throughout these lessons.

In math, we have finished Chapter 3. We will take the Chapter 3 Test next Tuesday and then move into a review of fractions. Hopefully our review of fractions will stop students from groaning every time they see one!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Short Week = Busy Week

First of all I hope everyone enjoys their Monday off from school. The weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL this weekend.

The week of October 12th is going to be a busy one for 8th graders! All 8th graders will take the Explore text on Wednesday, October 13th. This test is used to help make recommendations for high school placement in math, English and biology.

In Algebra we will finish up Chapter 4 with a test on Friday!

In Math we will continute working in Chapter 3. This week we will spend time write equations (yes, word problems) and working with geometric formulas.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Update

I can't seem to get over how quickly this school year is moving. It seems like just yesterday I was meeting this group of students for the first time, and here I am thinking about turning on my heat at home!

This week in Algebra we will continue reviewing what students knew about Linear Functions and really start building on that knowledge. We will definitely be learning new material from here on out and I am really excited about it. It is great to see their wheels turning! This class has been asking some really thoughtful questions already and I love to see their interest and enthusiasm.

In math, we are finishing up Chapter 2 with a test on Tuesday. I am proud of how well the students have been coping without the use of calculators in this chapter. They aren't used to being without them, but they have not really complained and have done well. (Maybe we should go the whole year;) We will start Chapter 3 on Wednesday and will be solving equations.

Have a great week.