Thursday, September 18, 2008

How do I study for a math test?

This question has come up recently as students are thinking about their first math test. The absolute BEST way to study for a math test is to DO problems. Since students have to DO problems on the test, that is how they should prepare.

Where can they find practice problems?
1. Try the odds from sections they have had trouble with during the chapter. (The answers are in the back!)
2. Try the extra practice in the back of the book.
3. Go to and try a practice quiz or test.
4. Go to and play a game or use the animated math to reinforce what we are learning.

Students also need to make sure that they are getting feedback on the problems they do for practice. We don't want them to do all of their practice wrong. They need to do problems they can find the answers to easily.

And last but not least, remember I am available before school and during study hall for extra help with whatever is still not clear!

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