Thursday, October 30, 2008

Extra Credit??

The trimester is quickly coming to an end so I have decided to offer a couple of extra credit opportunities for my students in periods 2-8.

1. I have put out extra credit problems in the back of my room. Students may take up to two of the problems to do. They must show their work and have the correct answer to get credit. Each problem is worth 5 points and they may do two. THE PROBLEMS MUST BE STAPLED TO THEIR TEST ON WEDNESDAY 11/5 FOR POINTS. I will not give any points if the student has any missing work for Chapter 3.

2. It has come to my attention that students do not regularly look at their grades online. Many students have no idea what their grade is in my class or what work they are missing. I have decided to offer an incentive for them to look at their grade. If they can write their percentage as of Monday, 11/3, on Wednesday's test, they will receive two extra credit points. I have also encouraged all of my students to take an interest in their grades in all of their classes. I have told them that they should check their grades at least weekly. They should be looking at the assignment grades to make sure that their grades are correct. (I do make mistakes!!) I will offer this opportunity again in the future, but I will not announce it ahead of time.

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