Monday, September 28, 2009

Coming This Week

Cooler weather has definitely arrived, but hopefully we will get a few more days like Sunday to enjoy. I love the fall, it is my favorite season of the year. Hopefully all of you will get out and enjoy your last few nice days before winter arrives!

In Algebra this week we will take a test on Chapter 3 and begin Chapter 4. I am looking forward to Chapter 4 as it begins our study of Linear Functions. This is where the fun will begin in Algebra. Hopefully students have scraped off all of the cobwebs with our review.

In Math we will be spending the week learning about number properties (commutative, associative, etc.) Most of the week will be spent learning about the distributive property. This is one can be confusing, but by the end of the week all students will be distributing with ease.

Have a great week!

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