Thursday, September 29, 2011

September is over!!

I can not believe how quickly this year is going! I have really enjoyed getting to know this group of students. They are truly an energetic group of kids with a lot of personality!!

On Tuesday in math we will finish Chapter Two with a test. Students have been having a great time using the MIMIO pad in class this week to do work on the board from their desks. It is great to see this technology in action and it frees me up to circulate the room more! After Tuesday we will move onto solving equations in Chapter Three.

In Algebra we have begun our study of Linear Functions. We have been learning about slope and intercepts and will continue to make connections between linear equations and their graphs. We will be tying this to the real world frequently, so that students can see how math is used in the real world. (Today we talked about slope and where that is important in the real world. Student gave some great examples!!)

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