Friday, September 16, 2011

Week of 9/19

Which is a better deal for carpet, $5/square foot or $15/square yard? Hopefully students in 8th grade math can now tell you and explain how not to get tricked by retailers!! With our first chapter test under our belts in math, we will be moving on to Chapter 2 this week. This chapter covers integers and operations within this set of numbers. This chapter fits nicely with the golf trip and over and under par. Students should be ready for a quiz over the basic operations of these numbers and their applications on Thursday, September 22nd.

In Algebra, we are in the middle of our chapter on equations. We have taken their knowledge of solving equations and "upped the ante" with more complex equations involving distributing and variables on both sides. We have been trying to avoid common mistakes like not distributing the negative to all terms when solving. I was also impressed by some students remembering how to clear the fractions to make the equations easier to solve. This week we will be focusing on percents and ending the week with a chapter 3 test!

For those of you who attended Curriculum Night and are wondering about the answer to the Question of the Week, it is Daniel.

Question: Two friends were driving from there home to Manchester. Kevin Drove the first 90 miles and then Daniel took over the remainder of the journey. On the way back, Kevin drove to begin with and Daniel took over the last 100 miles. Who drove the most?

Reasoning: Kevin drove the first 90 miles and Daniel then drove the unknown distance on the way there. On the way back, Kevin drove 10 miles less of the unknown distance because Daniel drove 10 miles more of the last leg than Kevin did on the way there. (100-90) So, no matter the unknown distance, Kevin drove less.

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