Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update 4/22/2012

I can not believe how quickly this trimester is going and that it is already past mid-terms.  With ISATs and Spring Break taking out days in the trimester it seems like it just began.

We are just finishing up Chapter 11 in Algebra.  Students will take a test on Wednesday (early dismissal) over this chapter before we move on to Chapter 12, Rational Functions.  Students can expect a visit from their favorite concept in the next chapter....FRACTIONS!!  We will do a lot of practice and have a few graded homework assignments.  Students can also look forward to another problem packet with this chapter.

In Math class we have been studying systems of equations.  Students have been doing a great job understanding how to solve systems both graphically and algebraically.  I am really proud of how well they are doing with this concept and their hard work has shown in their recent quiz scores.  Good Work!

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