Friday, April 27, 2012

Update Week Beginning 4/30/2012

In all math classes next Tuesday students will be taking the Spring MAP test.  Students have set goals with their homebase teachers and with me in math class.  I am very proud of how hard students have been working in math recently and have high hopes that their hard work will pay off for them during MAP testing.  I have offered them extra credit for meeting their goals next week with this testing.  

In Algebra we have started Chapter 12 this week.  We will be studying Rational Expressions and Functions for the next several weeks  Students in this class will take part 2 of the Proficiency test on May 22nd and 23rd.  

In math we have started studying geometry and measurement.  We will be looking at surface area next week.  I am in the need of cereal boxes for an activity coming up involving surface area.  If you finish up a box of cereal, feel free to bring it in.

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